Allow me to introduce myself

I’m a colorblind designer and proud of it. Accessibility should be a critical part of the design process for every business. I want to help users like me. I want to build a better experience for people living with disabilities and create an inclusive user experience for everyone. My cousin, Mario, is my biggest inspiration. He’s deaf and partially blind, however, he’s tech-savvy but continues to face challenges during his own user experience. As a designer, I’m using my disadvantage as an advantage to help businesses focus on the importance of accessibility and the user experience.

This is the real me

Four words: I’m a cool nerd. I’m a fan of beer. That’s right—drinking IPA and Pale Ale at my favorite spot Hoi Polloi Brewing in Berkeley. When I have time to waste, you can find me watching classic cartoons from the 1940s to the early 2000s like Mighty Mouse, The Jetsons, and Hey Arnold!— to name a few. You catch me reading Manga like Dragonball Z to One Punch Man. Most importantly, I like spending time with my beautiful wife. We’re newlyweds and we risked our lives swimming with sharks on the coast of the North Shore of Oahu. (Yes, it was an experience of a lifetime).

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